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BETAR and Lartech Telecom start production of a new device

9 august, 2019

MCC BETAR ltd. and Lartech Telecom Company launch production of electronic gas meters SGBM with built-in radio channel.

The radio channel was implemented using LPWAN technology based on the LoRaWAN protocol, which allows data to be transmitted over long distances (radio communication range in dense urban development is up to 5 km) without using repeaters, and also ensures uninterrupted operation from the built-in battery (device class A).

The meters are manufactured with a nominal size of G 1,6 (SGBM-1,6); G 2,5 (SGBM-2,5); G 3,2 (SGBM-3,2) and G 4 (SGBM-4).

Radio channel operation

The basis of the LPWAN technology data transfer principle (based on the LORAWAN protocol) at the physical level is the property of radio systems - an increase in the communication range with a decrease in the transmission speed.

The LoRaWAN network uses a star topology, where each device communicates with the base station directly. City or regional networks are built using the “star of stars” configuration.

A device with a LoRaWAN module transmits data over the air to a base station. The station receives signals from all devices within its range, digitizes and transmits to a remote server using an available communication channel (for example, Ethernet).

The data obtained on the server is used to display, analyze, build reports and make decisions. Device management takes place using a reverse link.

For data transmission over the radio channel, an unlicensed frequency spectrum is used that is allowed for free use in the network region (for example, 864-865 MHz).