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Healthy lifestyle

22 march, 2023

According to the World Health Organization, physical activity has a positive effect on health and prevents many diseases. But work often reduces movement to a minimum — jogging from an office chair to a meeting room. What is the use of sports in between work? ➖replenishes the reserve of strength and helps to cope with overloads at work ➖ reduces emotional stress ➖ saves from burnout and stress ➖ has a positive effect on health The employees of the BETAR company were also convinced of this after the installation of tennis tables in the Department of the Chief Mechanic. This opportunity allowed us to rally a large team, communicate with each other in an informal setting, relax and just have fun — which is one of the tasks of the management. In the near future, similar tables will be installed in all workshops, and sports will become an integral part of our lives.