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Machine-tool Building

We are engaged in the design and manufacture of non-standard equipment of any complexity for various industries. We make the equipment according to requirements of the customer under each specific detail. We make the equipment according to the customer’s requirements on each specific detail.

Transfer equipment

Our main product line includes BTM Classic series for mass production and flexible centers BTM FL series equipped with 3-axis units for medium and small batches of produce.

BTM Transfer machines used for machining of steel and nonferrous metal (bronze, brass etc.)


The transfer machine is ideal for multi-operational tasks and high-precision machining on several sides of a part.

Production not requiring control

On request, the loading and unloading can be fully or partially automated.

Quick payback

Suitable for medium and large batches of parts. Cost-effectiveness of transfer machines provides payback within a short time.


We have state-of-the-art equipment for simultaneous multioperational and high-precision machining (0,01 mm) on several axes.


BTM machines depending on the type of workpieces can be equipped as follows:

  1. number of machining units is based on operations - up to 32 axis
  2. number of rotary table positions (max) – 8 (for vertical configuration)/24 (for horizontal configuration)
  3. number of simultaneous axes – up to 3 (for one unit)
  4. vision system for loading and unloading parts
  5. security fence with access control function

Benefits of implementing our machines

  • Maximum performance with minimum investment
  • Wide range of machining capabilities
  • A significant benefit due to automation
  • Reduction of production costs
  • High security and reliability
  • Release of production areas due to reduction of equipment units

Optionally can be installed:

  • Mitsubishi robot / linear robot for loading/unloading parts;
  • vision system;
  • tool breakage detection system.

Warranty and service

The warranty period is set for 12 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 18 months from the date of receipt by the consumer.

During the warranty period, we repair the machine free of charge, if the conditions of transportation, storage, installation and operation described in the "Instruction manual" and "Instructions for installation, start-up and regulation of the product" are observed.

To make a claim please provide an act of commissioning.

Order equipment

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Our advantages

  • High-tech equipment of world leaders in the engineering industry (DMG, Vollmer, Ferrari, etc);
  • Cost-effective equivalent machines due to optimized design
  • Convenient location (for those who have been looking for suppliers of quality equipment within the Russian Federation)
  • Design in CAD systems (Compass 3D and Siemens Solid Edge)
  • Fast delivery (in Russia)
  • Service on favorable terms
  • Quotation is offered in 2-7 days, depending on the complexity of the project

Assembly and automatic lines

We design and manufacture assembly and automatic lines for each specific task.

Robot manipulators

We manufacture robots according to the technical requirements and conditions of the customer.
Depending on the technical conditions, the robots can be equipped with fully pneumatic actuators or a group of servos. Robotic manipulators are fully developed at the BETAR production site using its own capacities.

The main field of application – injection molding of plastics in terms of loading and unloading of parts from the mold space of the injection molding machine.

In addition to the plastic injection molding industry, industrial robots manufactured by BETAR can be used for various types of Metalworking (plasma and laser cutting, drilling, milling). Loading parts/blanks, in serial production, with the help of industrial robots, eliminates the human factor and increase productivity.

Robots are widely used in manufacturing operations such as Assembly, packaging and palletizing. Robot BETAR is compatible with all models of injection molding machines that support standard EUROMAP 67.

Our advantages:

  • service – time, price, quality
  • significant difference in the final cost of the equipment compared to foreign analogues
  • no need of customs clearance procedures
  • delivery to Russia within a week
  • full cycle of robot production from project development to acceptance testing

Implementation effect:

  • reduce the time of the production cycle
  • increase of productivity
  • improvement of working conditions for stuff
  • descrease of defective items due to precise extraction/stacking of parts with high repeatability
  • elimination of mechanical damages


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