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Lost the operating manual (passport) at the counter, is it possible to restore?

We cannot retrieve an operation manual (certificate) in full with stamps of calibration and technical inspection without providing the device to the company. In this situation, we propose to issue a duplicate of the operation manual (certificate).

When produced, each meter is subject to testing and calibration, after which the product monitoring service puts a stamp in the operation manual (certificate), a verification officer seals the meter with a seal in the form of a sticker with an impression of the verification stamp, and puts stamp impression, signature and the date in the operation manual (certificate).

A duplicate of the operation manual (certificate) will not have these stamps and records, but a cover letter confirming the duplicate will be attached to it. A duplicate with a cover letter will be sent to you by mail.

As a rule, if there is a duplicate with a cover letter, the consumers do not have problems with the registration and operation of the device.

Send an application with the following information to have a duplicate of the operation manual (certificate) issued:

  • type of device (e.g. for SKHV-15, SKHV-15D, SKHV-20, SKHV-20D, SGV-15, SGV-15Д, SGV-20, SGV-20D water meters);
  • device No.;
  • production year;
  • antimagnetic protection available;
  • full name and postal address.

All information concerning the device shall be displayed on the front surface of the device.

Send your application by fax (84342) 5-69-68 or to our e-mail address