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What type of batteries is used in SG-1 gas meters?

  1. Two types of batteries: ER26500M and SL-770 were used in SG-1 gas meters with an electromechanical reading device.
  2. The CR2477 battery was used in the SG-1 gas meters with liquid crystal display.

What are the installation dimensions (from the floor to the meter and from the kitchen stove to the meter), since they are not specified in the certificate for the meter?

Organizations, which install household gas meters, act in accordance with regulatory documents in force in the gas sector. One such document is a set of rules 42-101-2003, where all the installation dimensions are specified:

“6.47 Meter installation is provided based on the convenience of their mantling, maintenance and repair. The height of installation of the meters shall be 1.6 m from the floor of the room or the ground.”

“6.49 Meter installation indoors is provided outside the zone of heat and moisture emissions (away from the stove, sink, etc.) in naturally ventilated areas. It is not recommended to install the meters in stagnant zones of the room (areas of the room fenced from the ventilation duct or window, niche, etc.). The distance from the installation of meters to the gas equipment is taken in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of manufacturers specified in the certificates for the meters. When above-mentioned requirements are not available in the certificates, the meters shall be installed at a distance (radially) not less than:

- 0,8 m from a household gas stove and heating gas-using equipment (a capacitive and instantaneous water heater, a boiler, a heat generator); ".

But these regulations are of a recommended nature. The design of a meter provides safe operation of the device at a distance (radially) not less than 300 mm from the household gas stove.

Is it possible to restore the reading of a gas meter after the battery became low (when the battery is changed)?

When the power is off (or the battery is dead), the readings are stored in non-volatile memory. When the power is on, the readings are again displayed on the LCD.

Are the T-pieces of SG-1 and SGBM-1.6/SGBM-1.6M/SGBM-2.5/SGBM-3.2 gas meters interchangeable?

Yes, the T-pieces of SG-1 and SGBM-1.6/SGBM-1.6M/SGBM-2.5/SGBM-3.2 gas meters are interchangeable.

What is the procedure for warranty maintenance of water and gas meters?

Manufacturer's warranties are specified in the “Manufacturer's warranty” section of the operation manual (certificate) for the device.

For warranty service, you can contact the store (organization) where the meter was purchased, the manufacturing company or the nearest official regional office of MCC BETAR Ltd. Contact information on representative offices is specified in the operation manual (certificate) for the device and on the official website.

As for a gas meter, you should first contact the organization, which installed the meter to dismantle it and draw up an act of its malfunction.

Meters are accepted for warranty repair provided that the seals are secure, there is an operation manual (certificate) for the device and there are no mechanical damages, and a malfunction report shall be enclosed to a gas meter.

Meters that are not subject to warranty repair as agreed with the consumer shall be repaired on a paid basis or may be replaced with new ones at additional charge.

Meters produced by MCC BETAR Ltd. can be delivered in several ways: by mail, by a transport company to Kazan and directly to the manufacturer.

Within 20 days the meters will be repaired and sent to the consumer in the same way.