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BETAR has started small-scale production of heated towel rails

20 march, 2023

To date, we have already produced more than 40 types and more than 2500 heated towel rails of various complexity. The household heated towel rail is designed for use in a hot water supply system, for drying textiles, as well as for heating bathrooms, showers, toilets and other rooms, at a coolant temperature from plus 5 ° C to plus 95 ° C and a pressure of no more than 15 atm. They are made of high-alloy corrosion-resistant stainless steel. In the production of towel rails, pipes with square, round, rectangular cross-sections are used, which are manufactured by laser welding according to the European standard EN 10217-7. Acceptance tests are carried out on each heated towel rail produced from production. At the moment, three models are being produced. KAMA, NEVA, DNIEPER. Modern painting equipment used in our production allows you to give any color to the manufactured product. Guarantees We guarantee compliance of our products with the requirements of these technical specifications, subject to the conditions of storage, transportation, installation and operation. The warranty period of the heated towel rail is 5 years from the date of sale. We do not guarantee the components: plugs, plugs with an air vent (Mayevsky crane), gaskets, eccentrics, valves. Currently, only water heated towel rails are in the range. You can purchase these models and find out the prices through the network of our distributors. www.betar.ru/contacts